Before we get to the “why” you need a Wedding Coordinator, let’s chat about the “what”-

What is a Wedding Coordinator? Well, your new best friend of course! Even the most organised Bride and Groom couples appreciate a helping hand on their big day. Imagine knowing that someone is keeping an eye on everything whilst you’re enjoying every moment you’ve waited months if not years for.

My favourite story which always make me smile… I organised a beautiful Wedding for a young couple on the south coast of Sydney. They had planned to arrive at the reception by helicopter, however the weather turned nasty and they had to turn back to the airport. The call came through..”help!”

I organised a cab to collect them, then received another call…the groom’s pants had split whilst exiting the helicopter! I raced around the venue looking for someone who could possibly have a spare pair with them. The entertainers’ were changing into their costumes, so I picked out one young guy and asked if he was possibly the size I was after. He was able to loan the Groom his pants and no one was the wiser!

A good news story… however occasionally things don’t go so well. So, you need a Wedding Coordinator who knows who’s supposed to be where and what’s going on at all times, can pull a rabbit out of a hat if needed, and keep you calm if you’re freaking out. Oh, and someone who simply knows just when you need a tissue!

Whether you’re planning to DIY your Sunshine Coast Wedding, and need someone to keep an eye on proceedings…or have so much going on you’re stressed out…give me a call.

Mary-Ellen xx