As a Sunshine Coast Wedding Stylist, I often have clients come to me for a consultation “just to get started”. They may have decided to DIY their Wedding, and are looking for ideas for the colour theme or furnishing textures.

When I’m looking to update my own home furnishings, or to refresh a dying floral arrangement, I head out into the garden, or go for a walk around my neighbourhood, parklands or beaches. Have you seen my business cards? The colours of the Sunshine Coast sky and ocean!

I take note of colour combinations and textures I am drawn to, take a pic or two, and head back to my workspace to create the arrangement or draw up a plan.

If my client brings me a truckload of Pinterest photos and magazine clippings, I’ll look for the common thread such as modern or vintage themes. Once we have established a theme, I will create a Wedding mood board so that the client can visualise the colour and style theme for approval.

Occasionally, a client will either have no idea what they like, or simply no time to research what’s trending. Oooh, how exciting for me! Creative licence! I get to scroll, swipe, scrounge and Pin to my hearts content! I’ll create a few mood boards and see what they’re attracted to and why.

At With Style Weddings and Events, I’ll be your personal stylist. I’ll have your best interests in mind, and will personally create your unique event.