With Mothers Day fast approaching, Sunday 9th May 2021 I am sure many of you are already starting to make plans with your loved ones to celebrate this wonderful day. I would love to know what your plans are for Mothers day, do you have a tradition? Or do you just celebrate in your own style?

Mothers day is a lovely tradition where we get to celebrate our amazing mums. Showering them beautiful gifts and the day is purely devoted to them – yes that does mean it’s a day off for them.  With all that housework etc should being done by the other half or even better, the kids…….

But why do we celebrate Mothers Day?

Mothers day has been celebrated now for over 100 years, with Australia first celebrating this special day in 1924. It was first created in America by Ann Javies in the late 1800s who passed it onto her daughter Anna Javis in the 1900s, who continued with this tradition and created the first Mothers Day celebration in 1908 in Georgia, USA. Following the success of this by 1912 many other countries adopted this wonderful tradition. By 1914 it was finally legalised and agreed to be the second Sunday in May each year.

Mothers Day was also linked to the war and a great way of remembering all those mums who lost their sons fighting for the country. Many countries still celebrate this date with their own traditions. However the UK celebrates Mothers Day the Fourth Sunday of Lent, this was linked to Mothering Sunday and the Church. This did fizzle out but made a comeback in the 1930s when America’s Mother’s day grew even more popular, being celebrated around the world, however the UK still kept its original date.

History does date back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans who used to celebrate mothers and motherhood with amazing festivals to honour the goddesses Rhea and Cybele.

Even with this tradition being around for over 100 years it’s still about showering our lovely mums with gifs, flowers and love and showing them how much we appreciate them.

How other countries celebrate Mothers Day

I am always interested in how countries celebrate this day in such different ways, with India having a 10 day festival in October and Japan offers white Carnation flowers to their mums. Ethiopia sing and dance together and have a big feast, France they offer their mums medals for bringing children into the world and the UK its the church custom.

Did you know that Mothers Day is the busiest day to receive phone calls, with an increase of 37%

Australians spend $1.6 billion on Mothers Day gifts

Carnations are a special flower on Mothers day and hold the significance. The Red was given to a mum that was no longer with you and white was given to a mum that was still alive.

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We hope you have a wonderful 2021 Mothers Day filled with love, laughter and many happy memories.

A big thank you to all those mums around the world who are doing an awesome job!