WOW what a year it’s been, who would have thought that Covid could have created such an impact on our daily lives. It has been heartbreaking to see the whole world suffering with this awful virus but it does feel like things are slowly starting to resume back to normal activities, which is great news. Covid caused many disruptions to the wedding industry as you can imagine, with 1 in 3 weddings having to be cancelled. Couples had so many uncertainties about their wedding day and whether it would be even possible to actually celebrate their big day.

One of the biggest things that has been highlighted with covid and weddings is what couples really felt was important for their wedding! We all think we have our ideal wedding planned, many see lots of guests, a stylish dress, a large evening reception, expensive cars and much more but now couples have found themselves starting to re-evaluate what the original plan was going to be and what they now actually really want.

The dreaded “C” word has made us really see what is important in our lives and this is being reflected within the wedding industry too, with more people realising that what is important is just being able to marry their true love and not as much about the big day, and this is where Elopements and small intimate weddings have taken the lead. Figures show from our stats (With Style) that from Mid 2020 the number of people googling “elopements in Noosa” have tripled and this is still growing. Couples are looking for those smaller, more intimate wedding locations where you can still have your magical day set in the most idyllic setting that can be shared with a small number of loved ones.

With elopements and small weddings taking centre stage in the wedding trends for the foreseeable future we are also seeing many couples breaking the trend of getting married at the weekends and more and more people opting for midweek weddings. This is opening up many more opportunities for couples in date availability, memorable dates that mean something to the couple and also allowing wedding celebrations to last over a few days, especially if you’re coming along with a handful of guests, more on this trend to follow in another blog 🙂

An elopement wedding means you can have as much or as little as you want, after all it is your day. So if you just want the two of you, on a beach at sunset, exchanging those vows and the photographer capturing your day then do it, but if you still want all the trimmings, a stunning wedding dress, hair and makeup, good quality food and picking the perfect cake then all of this is perfect too. Remember it’s all about what you and your partner see as being your perfect wedding. What is lovely about elopements is you can spend a little bit more on those finer details to make it even more exceptional.

Here at With Style we offer you personalised wedding packages in beautiful Noosa with a choice of fabulous locations. Our team of 3 are on hand to ensure your day is exactly how you have always dreamed it would be. Mary-Ellen is your wedding planner, chef, stylist and your best friend. She will be there from start to finish to see that your day runs smoothly, your food is exceptional and your flowers are beautiful. David is your celebrant, he truly has a wonderful soul, and with years of experience, will make your ceremony memorable. Melanie is your wedding award-winning photographer, she will be there capturing every moment of your wedding day so that you can relive it each time you look back at your wedding photos.

We would love to be able to share your wedding day with you and create your dream wedding.

We look forward to seeing you in Noosa.

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