Getting ready for the intimate gathering on a beautiful Southern Highland’s day has never been more fun! A bit of lippie, a pretty dress, and we’re off to gather all the goodies required to bring Dani and Daniel’s Wedding to life!

Cake and cookies – check.
Bouquets by Oatley House of Flowers  check.
Gum tree branch for the cookie tree – check.
Centrepieces – check!

Just over an hour from the Sydney CBD is Briar’s Country Lodge, set on a pretty lake just out of Bowral. We dodge a brief shower as we hang floral decorations in the willow trees surrounding the lake, where the ceremony will take place. The bride has arrived, quick hugs and positive affirmations, bouquets handed over… But where are the bridesmaids? They’re on their way… phew!

So let’s get on with the centrepieces… utilising seasonal garden foliage and candles. Handmade table numbers are places, along with a special one each for the Bride and Groom. Theme-decorated cookies by Hunny Bunny Cakes are hung, ready for guests to take home, or nibble in bed when they head off to their rooms booked on the premises. Place cards are set, and the Gluten Free Lemon Delicious cake also created by Hunny Bunny Cakes, takes pride of place on the cake table.

The minister has arrived and performs his sound check in the gazebo by the lake. Chairs are set for the guests – have we forgotten anything? A quick run-around, and all is in order. Time to check on the Bride, and all is well. Time to relax with a cold drink at the Briar’s restaurant before heading home.

All-in-all, it was a beautiful day and we had so much fun preparing Dani and Daniel’s special day.

Two days later, Dani and Daniel drop off the hired pieces and we debrief with lots of giggles, and you just can’t separate those two! They provide us with a thank you card and a gift.

Dani is a regular customer ever since, purchasing gift baskets whenever a friend has a baby or birthday.